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Our training courses are carefully designed to help you master best practice in educational assessment, enabling you to effectively measure learner progress and adapt your teaching accordingly. In addition, we focus on time optimization, giving you the tools you need to maximize the effectiveness of your assessments while maintaining a high level of engagement. Join us in this quest for continuous improvement and make every training session a meaningful and productive learning opportunity.
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Zelexio training courses for assessment at the service of learning

A multitude of options

Successful backward planning

Duration: 90 minutes
‍Target audience: Teachers, trainers

You'll discover the power of backward planning, an approach that involves defining your educational goals first and then building your curriculum around them. Through hands-on exercises and group discussions, you'll develop a unit plan or an entire module using this method.
‍Whyit's essential: Backward planning is vital to ensuring that every activity, reading and assignment contributes directly to the desired learning outcomes. It promotes a more integrated and relevant learning experience for students.

Enhancing cognitive skills with Bloom's taxonomy

Duration: 90 minutes
‍Target audience: Teachers of all subjects

This training focuses on the practical application of Bloom's taxonomy in your teaching. You will emerge from this training able to create questions and tasks that encourage critical analysis, synthesis, and creation, rather than simple memorization or comprehension.
‍Whyit's essential: Applying Bloom's taxonomy in your teaching develops high-level skills in your learners, which is essential for their future success in an increasingly complex world.

Promoting self-assessment and peer review

Duration: 90 minutes
‍Target audience: Teachers, professionals and learners

This course is a two-part adventure. First, you'll learn how to guide your students through the self-assessment process, helping them to understand their own learning in a deeper way. Second, you'll discover how to implement peer assessment as a collaborative learning tool.
‍Whyit's essential: Self-assessment teaches autonomy and responsibility, while peer assessment offers multiple perspectives, encourages teamwork and strengthens the learning community. Both methods emphasize essential socio-emotional skills such as empathy, active listening and constructive communication.

Building descriptive evaluation grids

Duration: 90 minutes
‍Target audience: Teachers, education professionals

In this session, you'll learn how to design descriptive-scale rubrics using clear, measurable criteria. You'll have the chance to create your own rubric and put it to the test.
‍Whyit's essential: Descriptive rubrics provide learners with clear, actionable feedback, making it easier for them to understand what they need to do to improve.

A successful transition to a new way of assessing

Duration: 90 minutes
‍Target audience: Teachers,
education professionals

This training will guide you through the process of changing from your current assessment method to alternative methods such as portfolios and project-based learning and learning portfolio.
‍Whyit's essential: Adopting alternative assessment methods can completely transform the atmosphere of your classroom, moving from a test-driven environment to an organic, sustainable learning community.

Assessing with professional judgment

Duration: 90 minutes
‍Target audience: Teachers, educators, administrators

This training course will navigate you through several real-life case studies to help you develop your professional assessment judgment. You'll learn how to balance objective criteria with subjective observations and intuitions, enabling a more comprehensive and humane assessment of the learner.
‍Whyit's essential: By using professional judgment to assess students, you promote a more nuanced and empathetic approach that takes into account the entire educational experience, not just numerical results.

By joining Zelexio's training courses, you'll not only transform the way you assess, you'll also enrich your relationships with your students, creating an environment where assessment becomes an ongoing dialogue of learning and growth. Be part of this assessment revolution and take your teaching beyond numbers and letters.