Thanks to Bilan Zelexio 2.0

Available with Expert and Visionnaire packages

Zelexio 2.0 review

Available with Expert and Visionnaire packages

Visualize the learner's Zelexio 2.0 assessment to find out their intrinsic motivation and build a concrete action plan to encourage learning.

Increase confidence, motivation and commitment
Encourage full potential
Make a better contribution to educational activities
Build your relationships on kindness
Identify the early signs of people at risk
Zelexio 2.0 review

The Zelexio 2.0 Assessment is the ideal starting point for a process of reflection aimed at self-fulfillment and thus enables the learner to build a learning strategy.

‍TheFlow - Emotional well-being
2.0 Skills Assessment"How are things at school today?" "How could things be better tomorrow?"
The FLOW is an indicator of well-being at school and good emotional health.

A person in their FLOW:
-has confidence in himself and his learning abilities
-is motivated by the activity of teaching by himself
-is perseverant in his studies and academic path
-experiences pleasure at school and during school activities
-is creative and efficient when performing tasks
-develops optimally during educational activities
-has the energy to progress in his learning

Talent assessment is based on this recognized psychological theory: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's FLOW theory (psychologist, professor at Claremont University in California, researcher in positive psychology). By applying this theory to studies, we can identify and anticipate how a person feels when engaged in a learning activity at school.

The Bilan Zelexio 2.0 is a tool that operationalizes the concept of emotional health and identifies precise signs, in particular of FLOW (state of intrinsic motivation). The results of the Bilan enable each learner, whether active or not, to build a concrete action plan. The dynamic thus created will increase their involvement, performance and effectiveness in a learning activity.

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