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Reduce your child's stress and study time by gaining a better understanding of his or her strengths and challenges.


Access assessments designed for comprehension.


Be better informed about your child's assessments and challenges.


Use personalized teaching resources.

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Better communication

Keep up to date with your child's assessments and follow-ups...

Keep up to date with your child's assessments and follow-ups. Zelexio takes care of providing you with detailed information on assessments, feedback and progress. Feedback on assessments is immediate, and progress follow-up is monthly. Don't wait until the end of the school year to find out about your child's academic progress - check out Zelexio.

Stress reduction

The steps towards learning are supported by the...

Feedback on the assessment and the work to be done to achieve the learning milestones are supported by the platform. This follow-up is immediate and puts your child at the center of this reflective process. What's more, at the slightest dip, the platform notifies the teacher and takes care of scheduling a meeting between the teacher and your child. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Zelexio is there to help your child succeed.

Fostering commitment

Access to learning resources on the...

Access to learning resources on the platform simplifies your involvement in your child's homework and study. You can better support your youngster's learning by having the right pedagogical tools at your fingertips. Engaging in homework and study has never been easier than with Zelexio.  

Better understanding of assessments

Zelexio takes care of sending communications...

Zelexio takes care of sending communications that are detailed and easy for everyone to understand. Feedback is received in the form of a document that explains each evaluation criterion and highlights the areas of development specific to the child. With Zelexio, evaluation will hold no secrets for you.

Reduced study time

With Zelexio, you can focus your efforts more effectively...

With Zelexio, you can focus your efforts more effectively on the key elements you need to work on. Zelexio provides a list of resources to help your child develop. All resources are digital and pre-selected by our education specialists. All at the click of a button. With the platform, answers to your questions are at your fingertips. Save time on homework and studying with Zelexio.

Learn more about strengths and challenges

The platform informs you of the challenges and strengths of your young...

Using a variety of graphs and detailed documents, the platform's dashboard informs you of your young person's challenges and strengths. Zelexio analyzes evaluation data and shows you the most frequent comments made, evaluation criteria to work on, and highlights skills to improve.

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