Caring pedagogy

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Our corporate values

These human values define us as a company in the eyes of our partners, customers, employees and all users of our technology. They define who we are and what lies at the heart of all our decisions.

"These are the things we are passionate about, which are at the root of Zelexio's creation, and which accompany us daily in our innovation and development. Our values drive us to commit to excellence in everything we do" (Zelexio founders).

Provide equity in learning and promote success for all learners, regardless of their school environment, learning challenges, socio-economic background, family situation or educational stigma.

Founded in 2021, Zelexio is an educational tracking platform offered to schools and teachers to maximize student learning.


Zelexio develops technological tools that enable professionals in the education system to perfect their working methods and thus support students in their pedagogical development.

A true education system doesn't impose anything on the learner, but gives him or her access to what he or she needs.

Our primary mission is to enable all students to progress equitably and receive the necessary support for their educational development. Secondly, our platform will give teaching professionals access to a multitude of pedagogical assessment tools developed by education professionals

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Our values

Zelexio advocates learner equity. That's why every student, regardless of background, will be able to progress in their learning with Zelexio. Also, because student engagement is important to us, Zelexio will enable students to be active in their learning. In fact, students will be able to see how they are progressing thanks to graphs of their progress, and to seek additional help if necessary.

Finally, Zelexio encourages the sharing of evaluation knowledge by providing digital tools developed by education professionals.

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