Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Who can use Zelexio?

Zelexio has been designed for use by teachers of all subjects and levels, school administrators, educational consultants, tutors, parents and learners. Each account has its own options.

What are the advantages for teachers of using Zelexio?

With Zelexio, the teacher saves up to 70% of his or her time in the assessment process, while ensuring complete follow-up for each learner. On the platform, the teacher sees the progress of each learner, the associated recurring comments and the pedagogical follow-up that Zelexio has taken over.

How can Zelexio support teachers in their assessments?

When creating grids, Zelexio's digital intelligence suggests pedagogical comments based on keyboard input. The same applies to observable indicators.

Does the teacher have access to training on how to use the Zelexio platform?

Video capsules are available on our Youtube channel, as well as an FAQ on the platform in the Help section. If you still have questions, customer service is available for technical and pedagogical support. Also, with the Visionnaire package, teachers have access to training at the start of the course.

How does automated learner tracking work?

After completing and publishing the evaluation grid, Zelexio sends automated follow-ups for better communication. There are several types of follow-up: evaluation follow-up, fluctuation follow-up, progress follow-up, meeting follow-up and personalized follow-up by the teacher. The different types of follow-up can be programmed according to the teacher's needs.

Will the next year's teacher be able to see the learners' progress?

With the Visionnaire package, a learner's pedagogical file is created so that the learner's strengths and challenges are shared throughout the school career to maximize learning.

What are the advantages for learners of having access to Zelexio?

With Zelexio, learners can track their progress by skill using various graphs, and see a summary of their strengths and challenges. What's more, they have access to personalized learning resources to help them progress. They can perform self-assessment and peer evaluation.

Is there a parent/learner login area?

In the Expert and Visionnaire packages, learners receive a link to create their Zelexio account, which takes them to their educational file. Parents can log in via their child's account.

How often do learners receive their automated progress reports?

Each follow-up can be programmed according to the teacher's needs if the teacher uses numerical evaluation. For example, the fluctuation follow-up could be sent every time the score changes by 10%, and the encounter follow-up could be sent every time the score falls below 65%. It's up to the teacher!

How does self-assessment work?

With the Expert package, the teacher can send the self-evaluation grid he or she has created so that the learner can complete it by selecting the criteria and adding an audio commentary to justify his or her choices. Once the grid has been completed, the teacher receives it and can approve or correct the self-assessment by adding an audio comment. The learner is thus at the heart of the assessment process, and is better able to progress.

Do the grids apply only to secondary school teachers?

The Zelexio platform is for all teaching professionals who assess using evaluation grids, whatever the level, subject or educational institution (primary, secondary, higher education).

Can teachers integrate their own grids?

Teachers can build their own grids using the platform's pedagogical and digital tools. Once dynamic, these grids are saved and can be used, modified and copied at any time, according to the teacher's needs.

Are dynamic grids encrypted or quoted?

During the assessment, the teacher chooses whether the assessment grid used is numerical or graded. The professional also has the option of choosing whether the assessment is summative or formative. They can also transfer the grid to the learner's account for self-evaluation ( Expert and Visionary packages).

How can I be sure that Zelexio's grids are valid?

Zelexio grids have been designed by a team of teaching professionals. What's more, Zelexio grids have a seal confirming that an educational consultant has approved the content.

Is the Zelexio platform an annual subscription?

Innovator and Expert packages are annual subscriptions. At the start of each school year, Zelexio updates its tools and functionalities to optimize evaluation and follow-up.

How do I access the Zelexio platform?

Once payment has been made on our website for Innovateur and Expert packages, access codes are sent to the e-mail address entered at the time of payment. Then go to the website, and click on the tab at the top right: Login. For the Visionary package, your educational institution will be able to provide you with the access codes.

How do I change a subscription?

In your Zelexio account, in the right-hand menu, you have the option of managing your subscription. You can also contact us at any time (