Evaluation grids

Evaluation grids

Simplify the assessment process by making your grids more dynamic.

Creation of interactive, customized evaluation grids
Access to Zelexio evaluation grids
Build numerical or rated grids
Modular grids for different types of assessment
Pedagogical support integrated into all grids to save you time

Select your criteria, record your audio comments and add your resources.

Suggested pedagogical comments
Adding and suggesting resources
Suggested observable indicators
Automatic tracking of your learner lists
Record your audio or written comments
Assess at your own pace without data loss
Detailed, dynamic assessment for learners

For each assessment, Zelexio analyzes the completed grid and generates a personalized, dynamic document for the learner.

Send evaluations
Access to evaluation at any time
Facilitates understanding of feedback

Create self-assessments according to your needs and let learners complete them directly in their account.

Create dynamic, personalized self-assessments
Voice recordings of learner and teacher comments
Automated dispatch of self-assessments to be completed
View completed self-assessments and publish after teacher approval
Consult your reviews in the Zelexio Cloud

Access your evaluations and all Zelexio pedagogical follow-up.

Access to published and ongoing evaluations
Access to pedagogical follow-up for all your groups
Publication of evaluations simultaneously or selectively
Overview of the progress of your evaluations
Download notes as Excel files
Add ratings and scores manually

Educational follow-up

Automated learning tracking

Thanks to digital intelligence, pedagogical follow-up is automated. Depending on the student's academic profile, Zelexio sends personalized follow-ups.

Evaluation follow-up
Fluctuaction monitoring
Progress tracking
Meeting follow-up
Personalized follow-up

Zelexio 2.0 review

Available with Expert and Visionnaire packages

Visualize the learner's Zelexio 2.0 assessment to find out their intrinsic motivation and build a concrete action plan to encourage learning.

Increase confidence, motivation and commitment
Encourage learners to reach their full potential
Make a better contribution to educational activities
Build your relationships on kindness
Identify the early signs of at-risk learners

Class groups and profile

Class groups

Visualize the different characteristics of each group and differentiate the pedagogical approach.

Overview including overall progress during the year
Automatic and manual addition of learners
Overall and skill averages
Learning progress statistics
List of your learners with risk factors and progress
Learner profile

Visualize each learner's strengths and challenges.

Overview including overall progress during the year
Personalized learner identification sheet
Overall and skill averages
Directory of learner assessments
Add additional learner information
Add personalized pedagogical follow-up
Learning progress statistics
List of recurring comments

Teacher, learner and administrator accounts

Teacher account

In addition to the functions mentioned above, you have access to your dashboard.

Skills assessment
Usage statistics
Most popular comments
Calendar and events
Zelexio community
Request for assistance
Available with Expert and Visionnaire packages
Learner account
Available with Expert and Visionnaire packages

Learners have access to their own personalized account to help them progress.

Overview including global progression
Overall and skill averages
Learning progress statistics
Evaluation and pedagogical follow-up
Overview of upcoming evaluation grids
Self-evaluation to do
List of recurring comments
Upcoming evaluation calendar
Personalize their profile picture
Communication with the teacher
Request for assistance
Customized resource list
Administrator account
Available with Visionnaire package

Resource persons have access to an administrator account for better support.

View your teachers' profiles and their use of the platform
Add evaluation grids for your facility
Share pedagogical information in the learner's file
Access to the Zelexio resource center
Access to vocational training
Adding teaching resources for your teachers