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Why do students need Zelexio?

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La chronique éducation avec Azra Hasanefendic
Nous ne prenons pas assez soin des garçons en éducation
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Zelexio publié dans le THOT CURSUS
Une approche qui ouvre de nouvelles perspectives pour une évaluation plus juste, personnalisée et efficace, contribuant ainsi à l'épanouissement et au bien-être de chaque apprenant tout au long de son parcours scolaire
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Zelexio est finaliste  
Célébration de l’Excellence : Les Finalistes du Gala Reconnaissance Estrie 2024
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Zelexio : pour voir au-delà des résultats scolaires
INTELLIGENCE ARTIFICIELLE. Après deux ans d’existence, l’entreprise technologique sherbrookoise Zelexio vient de franchir le cap des 1000 utilisateurs et est présente dans des écoles francophones de cinq pays, grâce à son outil pédagogique destiné aux milieux scolaires.
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Our CEO shares his journey in an interview on 107.7fm
"This journey, which I often keep to myself, is the foundation of everything I am today."
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Sherbrooke winners announced for the Défi OSEntreprendre Estrie!
We are proud to have won the local prize 🏆 in the technical and technological innovation category of the Défi OSEntreprendre.
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Artificial intelligence to combat school dropout
Sherbrooke-based Zelexio has developed a questionnaire that produces a student's emotional compass
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A tool to help high school students stay in school
A Sherbrooke-based company, Zelexio, is innovating in the field of education by fighting school dropout. The company has created a questionnaire linked to artificial intelligence that aims to better understand students' state of mind.
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Zelexio Report Card: Measuring teenagers' well-being in schools
Students who feel supported and confident tend to be more motivated and more successful at school. With our assessment, we measure student well-being accurately and equip schools to adapt their educational approach to meet young people's needs.
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A tool to measure teenagers' well-being in students' schools
"We didn't have these statistics. [...] We got one more piece of information that allows us, as teachers, to intervene and adapt our approach." - Claire Côté, Director General, Bromptonville High School
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Student assessment: We talk with the CEO of the Zelexio platform
Interview with Azra Hasanefendic, CEO of Zelexio, former teacher and co-founder of the podcast "Tous les profs en parlent".
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Zero shortage at Zelexio
Technology company Zelexio has pulled off a real recruiting tour de force. It receives more than thirty CVs for each programmer position, a sector hit hard by the labor shortage.
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Winner of the 2022 Cultural Diversity Award
Last night, Zelexio was the recipient of the 2022 Diversity Award!!!! Nominated as an employer that values inclusion, professional development and puts forward the value of humanism.
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An honor to have been invited to take part in the recording of the C+clair program on CScience to talk about artificial intelligence in education. An excellent opportunity to talk with professionals in the field of AI, and to showcase the innovative technological solutions of Zelexio solutions to the fore.
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One year ago, we founded Technologies Zelexio Inc. Today, we're celebrating a year of hard work, thousands of lines of code typed...
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Zelexio is proud to become a member of ACET!
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‍Apositive work environment - An essential with our employees! At Zelexio, we focus our efforts on providing our employees with...
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Zelexio is proud to have contributed to the success of this superb 5@7 techno in the presence of the Minister of the Economy, Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon.
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Putting evaluation first - Our founders were invited to speak at an inspiring lunchtime event organized by the Edteq Association.
Thanks to Association Edteq- Midi inspirant: L'Évaluation de demain!
Our president Azra Hasanefendic had the opportunity to present the Zelexio platform at 1 APP per day with Sylvain Duclos.
L'École Branchée: Zelexio
Jumping into the future one assessment
at a time
"Press release - The Zelexio platform is Quebec's first digital product in education that gives teachers a global portrait of the student (academic profile, emotional profile and skills perception profile linked to self-perception)."
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Nomination: Finalist for the Prix de la Diversité Culturelle 2021
Thanks to Actions Interculturelles - www.aide.org
L'École Branchée: 3 steps to successful backward planning
When two valuation specialists collaborate, the result is a high-quality article. Thank you to Stéphanie Loiselle, our co-founder, and Constance Denis for teaching us more about backward planning. You can read all about it in L'École branchée's pedagogical magazine. Happy reading!
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