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Better success

Identify your challenges, understand them and be ready to take them on...

The key to success is to be able to identify your challenges, understand them and have everything in hand to meet them. That's what Zelexio offers. Easy-to-understand graphics, detailed development documentation and personalized resources at your fingertips.

Better motivation

Everything is more concrete for the learner in terms of learning...

Everything is more concrete for the learner: where he stands in his learning, his challenges and his successes. They also know how to work to improve, and receive help from Zelexio as well as from those around them. Because every little bit of progress is identified, the student no longer sees achieving success as the unattainable summit.

Optimizing learning tools

Learners have access to learning tools to help them improve...

With the Resource tab, learners have access to learning tools to help them improve. What's more, with each feedback, the learner receives an explanatory document including additional resources selected according to their profile. Every resource approved by our experts is available at the click of a button.

Promoting autonomy

The learner is at the center of his or her learning and is active...

Learners are at the center of their own learning. They are active in their self-assessments, as they understand their level of learning and are equipped to progress at their own pace, based on their assessments, feedback, follow-up and resources. In addition, peer evaluation enables learners to develop a critical eye for the work of others, and to appreciate the success of their peers. Autonomous study has never been easier than with Zelexio.

Greater commitment

Learners can see their progress at a glance...

At a glance, learners can see their progress, identify their strengths and color-code their needs. In this way, learners can see the direct repercussions of their work on their success, and this directly fosters their commitment, as the results are tangible.

Progress in learning

Zelexio notifies learners of any changes to their learning curve...

Zelexio notifies learners of any changes to their learning curve. The learner is informed of the aspects he needs to work on to improve his development. What's more, all feedback is saved and the learner can return to it at any time. So the learner can have a better understanding of how to prepare for future assessment.

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