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✨At Zelexio, we believe in the complete development of our students.

What is Zelexio?

✨ Zelexio transforms assessment! ✨ Dive into a world where artificial intelligence, competency-based assessment, self-assessment, and peer assessment meet. Use our dynamic descriptive grids, share your dynamic grids with colleagues, and create or modify everything according to your specific assessment needs. 📚 Simplicity and innovation are just a click away. Our technology is designed to optimize your time and promote educational success; recover up to 70% of the time devoted to assessment!

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Make learning easier
Develop equity
Efficient evaluation

Zelexio's artificial intelligence automatically analyzes and tracks learners' progress, and provides feedback designed to facilitate understanding for all. The platform provides a complete pedagogical record of each learner by analyzing progress, feedback and recurring comments given to each learner.

Whatever your subject or the level you teach, you have access to Zelexio's assessment grids, which are ready to be used, shared and/or modified according to your assessment needs, whether for DETAILED ASSESSMENTS, SELF-ASSESSMENTS or PAIR ASSESSMENTS. What's more, you'll find over 400 useful, specific and supportive comments (USBs) available at the click of a button, organized according to their nuances for precise and effective feedback. Create graded, numerical, formative or summative assessments - YOU decide!

With over 1,200 pedagogical indicators at your disposal, you can guide your assessments with unrivalled precision when creating your own dynamic grids.

As far as your students are concerned, we provide them with over 1,000 free pedagogical resources, carefully selected and sorted by subject and level. Thanks to our artificial intelligence, these resources are sent after each assessment, ensuring continuity in their learning without you having to worry. You can customize this list and add any resources you deem relevant. To further optimize your assessment planning and instructional intent processes, Zelexio offers Innovator, Expert and Visionary packages to meet your unique assessment needs.

Choosing the Innovator package means working with technology to support your assessments. Choosing the Expert package means allowing your learners to become autonomous in their learning by having one account per learner. Choose the Visionary package, and your school will stand out from the crowd in terms of assessment, enabling your students to make concrete progress and, in so doing, promoting success for all.

Our mission

Our mission is to help schools, teachers and learners optimize their work and foster success by providing them with innovative, practical solutions designed to facilitate the assessment and pedagogical follow-up processes.

Thanks to its excellent knowledge of the educational environment and constant collaboration with specialists, Zelexio offers a service perfectly adapted to the reality of educational assessment. Let's help learners succeed by transforming assessment tools into learning tools.

Founded in 2021, Zelexio is an educational tracking platform offered to schools and teachers to maximize student learning.


Zelexio develops technological tools that enable professionals in the education system to perfect their working methods and thus support students in their pedagogical development.

A true education system doesn't impose anything on the learner, but gives him or her access to what he or she needs.

Our primary mission is to enable all students to progress equitably and receive the necessary support for their educational development. Secondly, our platform will give teaching professionals access to a multitude of pedagogical assessment tools developed by education professionals

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Zelexio advocates learner equity. That's why every student, regardless of background, will be able to progress in their learning with Zelexio. Also, because student engagement is important to us, Zelexio will enable students to be active in their learning. In fact, students will be able to see how they are progressing thanks to graphs of their progress, and to seek additional help if necessary.

Finally, Zelexio encourages the sharing of evaluation knowledge by providing digital tools developed by education professionals.

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