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Help your students succeed by simplifying your assessments now!

Available from March 6, ends July 31, 2022.

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Dynamic grid creation
Learning progression chart by skill
Detailed and immediate feedback to students
Automated pedagogical follow-up
Teacher account
Access to Zelexio** evaluation grids
Automated learning tracking
Dimensions of the various jobs
External help referral
Techno-pedagogical development

The subscription ends on July 31, 2022.

Zelexio, your toolbox

**Warning, using the Zelexio platform can create a dependency...
Celle to take advantage of the time saved during your evaluations.


Create or choose from a range of grids the one best suited to your assessment. On the grid, select the box for the student's level of development for each criterion. For each selection, assign pre-selected comments to ensure a better understanding by all.


Zelexio analyzes your completed grid and generates the result in a personalized document for the student. A detailed communication is sent to the student, identifying strengths and challenges. Students can view their results on their dashboard, and can consult the resources suggested after the assessment to help them overcome their challenges.

Educational follow-up

The platform sends regular pedagogical follow-ups informing the student of his progress, communications made by the teacher, new resources to support his development and any changes linked to his learning curve. The teacher also receives Zelexio notifications on these follow-ups.

Be among the first to access the Zelexio platform!
L'Explorateur gives you access to the features of the Innovateur package
in pre-launch until July 31, 2022.

Help your students succeed by simplifying your assessments now!

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